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Neanderthals used feathers as ornaments

New findings suggest that Neanderthals harvested feathers from birds to use as personal ornaments.

They then looked more closely at bird bones found at Neanderthal sites in Gibraltar, including Gorham’s and Vanguard cave, near the base of the rock: “The Neanderthals had cut through and marked the bones. But what were they cutting? We realised a lot of it was wing bones, particularly those holding large primary feathers,” Prof Finlayson told BBC News.

Co-author Jordi Rosell, from Rovira i Virgili University in Tarragona, Spain, said: “We saw the cut-marks on bird bones at one cave, and then started seeing them in others. I think it’s a common aspect to the caves in this rock.”

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Story: Paul Rincon, BBC News | Photo: SPL

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