Ancient Egyptian fake toes are world’s oldest prosthetics

Published on October 16th, 2012 | by Admin


Two fake toes made in Egypt about 3,000 years ago have been confirmed to be the world’s oldest known prosthetics.

Discovered in the necropolis of Thebe near present-day Luxor, the two artificial toes — the so-called Greville Chester toe housed in the British Museum and the Tabaketenmut toe at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo — have been called by several experts the earliest prosthetic devices in existence.

Exquisitely crafted from cartonnage (a sort of papier maché mixture made using linen, glue and plaster) the Greville Chester toe dates from before 600 BC and comes in the shape of the right big toe and a portion of the right foot.

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Story: Rossella Lorenzi, Discovery New | Photo: Discovery News

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