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Kennewick Man not from the Columbia Valley

An analysis of the remains of the 9,500-year-old Kennewick Man has revealed that he was not from the Columbia Valley, as previously thought.

While Owsley has said in the past that Kennewick Man is not of Native-American descent, he said here for the first time that he believed the man was not even from this area.

Isotopes in the bones told scientists Kennewick Man was a hunter of marine mammals, such as seals, Owsley said. “They are not what you would expect for someone from the Columbia Valley,” he said. “You would have to eat salmon 24 hours a day and you would not reach these values.

“This is a man from the coast, not a man from here. I think he is a coastal man.”

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Story: Lynda V. Mapes, The Seattle Times | Photo: Elaine Thompson, Marth Rosenberry, AP

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