Remains of WWII carrier pigeon found, complete with encrypted message

Published on November 2nd, 2012 | by Admin


The remains of a WWII carrier pigeon with a coded message attached to it’s leg has been found inside the chimney of a house in England.

The remains of a homing pigeon which went missing in action while carrying a top secret message have caused quite a stir among historians at Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire. It’s thought the bird was on its way to the home of the codebreakers but ended up falling down a chimney in Bletchingley, Surrey. Historians believe the bird was almost certainly dispatched from Nazi-occupied France on June 6 1944, during the D-Day Invasions. During the war there was a squadron of 250,000 birds known as the National Pigeon Service. The military pigeons were taken to Nazi-occupied territory and sent back to Britain with messages from Allied Forces. This message is particularly special because it is written in a mysterious code.

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Story: ITV| Photo: ITV

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