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Vandals desecrate 1,000-year-old Serpent Mound

Officials are looking to lay down charges against vandals who buried New Age orgonites, shiny objects made of resin, quartz crystals and aluminum foil, at the Native American Serpent Mound in Ohio.

Orgonites are crafted from metal filings, such as aluminum, and quartz crystals, cast in a resin base, often in a muffin tin, the newspaper reported. Websites that discuss making and using such devices claim they draw in negative energy and exude positive energy.

The people who apparently buried the objects showcased their actions in a YouTube video, acknowledging they “did some work” in September at the site in Peebles to help “lift the vibration of the Earth so we can all rise together,” the newspaper reported.

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Story: AP | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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