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500-year-old remains found in Alaska

The 500-year-old remains of three males have been found in a remote part of Alaska.

Discovering prehistoric human remains in Interior Alaska is exceedingly rare, thanks to acidic soil in the region. So when three bodies — an adult, young adult and child, all male — were discovered in McGrath in early October, it was an unusual find. On Thursday, that unique find became even more so with the revelation that the bodies are likely more than 500 years old.

The remains were discovered in the village on Oct. 3 as a crew cleared a lot as part of an erosion control project along the Kuskokwim River — which runs near the community of about 350 people situated 220 miles northwest of Anchorage — stumbled across a human skull poking out from the freshly-cleared land.

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Story: Ben Anderson, Alaska Dispatch | Photo: MTNT

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