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Trove of silver coins found in Sweden

More than 1,000 silver coins have been found in a field in southern Sweden. Archaeologists believe they were buried there between 1676-1679 during the Skanian War.

With the help of metal detectors and spades, archaeologists in Helsingborg pulled up a total of 1,150 silver coins – what they consider to be a record haul for the area.

Friman and a colleague were carrying out archaeological research into the site of a former settlement, Todarp.

“There are 70 or so such treasures that were buried in Skåne during the Scanian War. Most are not as big as this one. The usual interpretation is that it was rich farmers who buried them during the war, then died, and couldn’t dig them up again,” said archaeologist Kennet Stark, who was also on the scene.

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Story: The Local | Photo: Staffan Hyll, Riksantikvarieambetet

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