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18,000-year-old “Hobbit” face reconstructed

Researchers have reconstructed the face of a female “Hobbit” by studying the 18,000-year-old remains found in the Liang Bua Cave on the island of Flores in Indonesia.

“She’s not what you’d call pretty, but she is definitely distinctive,” said anthropologist Susan Hayes, a senior research fellow at University of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. The female doesn’t have feminine-looking big eyes and she’s lacking much of a forehead.

With a background in forensic science, Hayes was able to flesh out the face of the 3-foot (1-meter) tall, 30-year-old female based on remains that were uncovered in the Liang Bua cave on the remote Indonesian island of Flores in 2003. To come up with this facial depiction, Hayes uploaded information from 3D imaging scans of the skull into a computer graphic program and also looked at portraits by paleo-artists of the Hobbit, finding these earlier interpretations were skewed toward monkey features; her examination, meanwhile, suggested modern features were more accurate, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

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Story: Megan Gannon, Live Science | Photo: University of Wollongong

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