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Roman mosaic floor unearthed in Greece

Roman mosaics, making up part of the floor of a typical triclinium, has been found just outside of Didymoteicho in northeastern Greece.

The leader of the excavations, archaeologist Matthaios Koutsoumanis, describes the findings as: “both (creatures) are seated on a dolphin, and one of them is holding a scarf over the head like a ‘peplos’. It is certain by now that the scene with the Eurus River and Plotini is not the only one, as a second panel is coming to light. (…) Next year’s excavation has a lot of surprises in store for us.” That could make Plotinopolis one of the biggest excavations in the region of Thrace. (source:Greek News Agenda)

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Story: Nicky Mariam Onti, Greek Reporter | Photo: Greek Reporter

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