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Archaeologists search for lost Nubian city

Archaeologists are searching for a lost royal city in the Sahara Desert that was ruled by the kings of Nubia nearly 3,000 years ago.

“I’m hoping to come away with a good idea about where the city’s remains are and be able to map them as extensively as I can,” he said.

Emberling has a general idea about where to dig, based on the notebooks of George Reisner, an American archaeologist who excavated Nubian pyramids in 1918-19. Reisner’s notes mentioned a long city wall with a gate facing the Nile. He also said there was a well that could have been big enough to be part of a palace. But the site wasn’t excavated and disappeared under the sand.

“One of the challenges is that the city’s remnants are completely invisible on the site today,” Emberling said. “Since Reisner was only doing this in his notes, there is nothing to locate where any of this was.”

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Story: William Foreman, University of Michigan | Photo: Geoff Emberling

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