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Ancient loom weights found in Turkey

Ancient loom weights which date back 2,500 years have been found in the ancient Turkish city of Assoss.

The art of weaving in ancient times was a bit different compared to the weaving of today, Arslan said. “In the textile industry, sheep’s and goat’s wool is used. We have a significant discovery on our hands regarding rope production. Also, we have found loom weights that were used in ancient weaving looms and we call them ‘a??r?ak.’ Ropes are hung from the loom and these loom weights, which are made of earthenware, are attached to these ropes. The weights are also used to prevent the threads of ropes from interlacing with each other.”

Surface surveys showed there could have been a small weaving atelier in an area next to the Ancient Theater, according to Arslan. The loom weights uncovered came in various types, he said. “Some of them are round and some of them are cubic. People used even broken ceramic pieces in this period by making a hole in the center of them. There are seals, names or descriptions on some of these weights. They date back to 2,500 years ago.”

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Story: Anatolia News Agency | Photo: AA

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