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Nailing down the publication date of Homer’s “Iliad”

Scientists have been working to determine the publication date of Homer's "Illiad" using the same technique employed to decode the genetic history of humans by tracking how genes mutate. "Languages behave just extraordinarily like genes," Pagel said. "It is directly analogous. We tried to document the regularities in linguistic evolution and

Eleven intact Pre-Inca tombs uncovered in Peru

Eleven tombs belonging to the Lima and Yschma cultures have been at the National Sports Village near Lima, Peru. Archaeologist Fernando Herrera, head of the project, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that three sets of remains were determined to belong to the Lima culture, which developed between A.D. 200 and

Palatial house uncovered in Iran

Iranian archaeologists have uncovered the ruins of a palatial Sasanian home which dates back 1,400 years. The discovered structure which is speculated to date to around 600 CE is described as having five interconnected halls, two columned halls and a courtyard. The archaeologists have uncovered several pieces of glazed and unglazed earthenware,

New study shows early Andeans ate corn

New evidence has revealed that maize was actively grown, processed, and eaten by people in the Andes 5,000 years ago. It had previously been thought that early Andeans depended upon marine resources for food. In their paper, the team explained that the first stage of identifying the botanical remains taken from

Early human burials were fairly simple, not ornate

A study of 85 burials which date back to the Upper Paleolithic period has revealed that most people were interred using fairly simple burial practices. The study, which examined 85 burials from the Upper Paleolithic period, found that men were buried more often than women. Infants were buried only sporadically, if