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150 cremated remains found in Mexico

Archaeologists in Mexico have unearthed a collection of 145 pots containing the cremated remains of 150 people at the site of Cerro de Trincheras.

The pots emphasized by their variety of shapes and forms; some represent pumpkins, others are oval shaped with two perforations, or with a tall neck and a larger mouth (like flower pots). They also found earthenware bowls, one of these was decorated. All the ceramic collection belongs to what is known as the “Tradicion Trincheras”, from the lower desert zone of Sonora.

From the pots, they recovered the cremated remains of almost 150 individuals (some pots contained two individuals’ remains), some of which were incinerated with rock beads, crystal quartz, frog shaped earrings, bracelets and shell rings. This is concluded as most of the materials were burnt and fragmented.

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Story: ArtDaily | Photo: Proyecto Institucional Trincheras/INAH

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