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WWI training trenches to be preserved

A series of trenches dug in 1914, used by soldiers in Scotland for training purposes, are set to be preserved.

The 16th Battalion The Royal Scots dug the trenches in Colinton and Dreghorn – which was open countryside at the time – before they made their way to France.

With trench design rapidly progressing throughout the First World War, experts will also be hoping the exciting study will lay bare the secrets of trench design and any methods used to keep up with the initially superior trench-building German forces.

The survey follows a campaign to save the trenches led by Mrs Gladstone-Millar, whose father, William Ewart Gladstone-Millar, was trained in the trenches before he was sent to the Battle of the Somme.

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Story: Dawn Morrison, Scotsman | Photo: Greg Macvean, Scotsman

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