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Copper plates found underneath Indian temple

Archaeologists examining the foundation of an ancient temple in the Indian state of Karnataka have found two sets of copper-plates which date back to 1180 A.D.

A copper-plate charter has five leaves, each 28 cm long and 14 cm wide, held together by a royal seal with a beautiful engraving of a couchant bull. The plates carry inscriptions in Sanskrit and the script is in Devanagari. The other set has three leaves, each 24.5 cm long and 13 cm wide, with a Varaha (boar) emblem on the ring.

Dr. Nambirajan said the copper-plates recorded the donations and gift of land in specified areas, to some Brahmins who were well versed in Vedic literature. It was issued by Kalachurya ruler Sankama-II in March, 1180 CE.

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Story: T.S. Subramanian, The Hindu | Photo: Sreenivasa Rao/ASI

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