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The Holocaust was worse than we thought

Over the past 13 years researchers have been cataloging Nazi ghettos and camps throughout Europe and have found there were over 42,500 of them set up between 1933 to 1945, an astounding number even to Holocaust scholars.

“The numbers are so much higher than what we originally thought,” Hartmut Berghoff, director of the institute, said in an interview after learning of the new data.

“We knew before how horrible life in the camps and ghettos was,” he said, “but the numbers are unbelievable.”

The documented camps include not only “killing centers” but also thousands of forced labor camps, where prisoners manufactured war supplies; prisoner-of-war camps; sites euphemistically named “care” centers, where pregnant women were forced to have abortions or their babies were killed after birth; and brothels, where women were coerced into having sex with German military personnel.

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Story: Eric Lichtblau, New York Times | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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  1. I don’t understand how the Allied troops who liberated these camps did NOT know the actual number.

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