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Remains of Teutonic Knights found in Poland


The remains of three leaders of the Teutonic Knights, a religious order founded during the Third Crusade, have been found in Poland.

“Anthropological and DNA testing has enabled us to back up the theory that these are the remains of the grand masters. We can be 96 percent certain,” Bogumil Wisniewski, head of a team which found the skeletons, told AFP on Thursday.

Wisniewski said his team was convinced the men were Werner von Orseln, who led the knights from 1324-1330, Ludolf Koenig (1342-1345), and Heinrich von Plauen (1410-1413).

The three skeletons were discovered in May 2007 in a crypt under the cathedral in Kwidzyn in northern Poland – formerly known by the German name Marienwerder – along with pieces of silk and ornate brooches, which were a sign of high religious rank.

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Story: AFP | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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