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Remains of Ming Dynasty castle surveyed


Archaeologists in China have surveyed the remains of Hailongtun Castle, which was built in 1257 and destroyed in 1600.

The Hailongtun Castle is located at the east foot of Longyanshan Mountain in the upper reaches of the Xiangjiang River, about 30 km north of the old city of Zunyi in Guizhou province. The site administratively belongs to Shuanglong group, Hailongtun Village, Gaoping Township, Huichuan District of Zunyi. Approved by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, the first great scale of excavation has been carried out by Guizhou Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology since April 2012.

In the light of records, Hailongtun was established in 1257 and destroyed by the war in 1600. At present the encircled wall measuring 6 km is preserved, and six passes at its east and three passes at its west still stand there. The castle occupies a flat ground about 1.59 sq km in area. The old palace and the new palace are the two largest architecture complexes, each covering an areas of 20?000 sq m?There are still some other sites such as the treasure house, the square pavilion, the quarry, the circling bridle way, the training ground and the watch towers.

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Story: IA CASS | Photo: IACASS

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