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LiDar used to map new structures at El Tajin in Mexico


Researchers working in the Archaeological Zone of El Tajin in Mexico have found three new ball fields as well as other buildings after using LiDar technology to scan the area.

Ph.D Guadalupe Zetina Gutierrez, investigator in the Archaeological Zone of El Tajin, allowed some of the project’s advances to be revealed. These are part of the Management Plan of the Archaeological Zone. She detailed that by locating the three ball fields the number of structures similar to these in El Tajin ascends to 20. “All the ball games that can be found in the site are different in dimensions and characteristics and, in the case of the three new fields, we can determine details with a precision of up to 5 centimeters [1.96 inches], thanks to a technology called LiDar, a laser scanner with which they developed a digital model of the Geographic Information System”.

Also, Zetina Gutierrez detailed that the two unknown structures, called “balconies”, consist of platforms of approximately 10 by 15 meters at the base and 10 to 12 meters high, located at the high parts of an ancient city where they had a panoramic view of the site.

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Story: ArtDaily | Photo: Guadalupe Zetina-INAH

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