Taxila monastery is 300 years older than previously thought

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New carbon dating tests performed on charcoal found at the only Buddhist monastery in the Taxila Valley, Pakistan, has revealed that it was built 300 years earlier than previously thought.

Khan said pieces of charcoal found at the monastery were analysed in the US at the University of Wisonsin using carbon dating — a reliable scientific method for determining the age of certain materials.

The university’s report states the monastery was built somewhere around the third century BC, making it one of the oldest monasteries in the Gandhara region.

During the excavation of the new, smaller monastery, the team also found a stucco statue of Buddha in meditation, iron objects such as door knocks, pottery, animal bones, coins and a grinding stone. A ‘jar’, which could be the top of a buried stupa, is being excavated at present.

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Story: Waqas Naeem, The Express Tribune | Photo: The Express Tribune

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