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Pluto’s gate unearthed in Turkey

Archaeologists working at the ancient city of Hierapolis in Turkey have uncovered the structures of Pluto’s Gate, the Greco-Roman portal to the underworld.

Featuring a vast array of abandoned broken ruins, possibly the result of earthquakes, the site revealed more ruins once it was excavated. The archaeologists found Ionic semi columns and, on top of them, an inscription with a dedication to the deities of the underworld — Pluto and Kore.

D’Andria also found the remains of a temple, a pool and a series of steps placed above the cave — all matching the descriptions of the site in ancient sources.

“People could watch the sacred rites from these steps, but they could not get to the area near the opening. Only the priests could stand in front of the portal,” D’Andria said.

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Story: Rosella Lorenzi, Discovery News | Photo: Franceso D’Andria

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