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Cannonball found on Civil War battlefield

A 12-pound cannonball has been unearthed by workers excavating at the Eastern Flank Battle Park in Tennessee.

City police and fire officers along with a state Highway Patrol bomb expert were called out and determined the cannonball was non-explosive and no danger, said Franklin Police Lt. Charles Warner.

“Finding pieces of history while paving the way to the future is pretty exciting, actually,” Warner said.

Likely fired from a cannon during the Battle of Franklin on Nov. 30, 1864, the cannonball is the latest relic to be uncovered at the park in recent years. Two earlier excavations of the former golf course yielded a small trove of items including a dozen unfired minie balls, an artillery shell, pottery or dish shards, among other things.

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Story: Kevin Walters, The Tennessean | Photo: The Tennessean

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