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Stone axe made by child found in Norway

A discarded flake axe found at a Mesolithic site in Norway was made by a child learning how to make the tool.

Both the body and the edge of the axe had been damaged by a succession of failed strokes. Finally, it had been impossible to correct the repeated errors, and the axe was thrown into the waste heap. Dugstad is of the opinion that the axe is most likely a product of a child or a young individual in a practising phase.

“The axe has probably not been produced by an adult. Errors are too numerous and striking to have been performed by a skilled and experienced flintknapper. This is probably a child’s work,” says Ms Dugstad.

According to the archaeologist, a skilled knapper will also make mistakes, and does not always reveal maximum proficiency, but he or she will be able to correct inevitable mistakes as they occur without compromising the outcome.

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Story: Karen Anne Okstad, Physorg | Photo: Terje Tveit, Archeological Museum, UiS

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