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Replica of Bronze Age boat takes to the water

A seven-ton replica of a Bronze Age boat has been launched, paddled by a crew of 19 archaeologists and volunteers. They were not clad in skins and they did not have to paddle for six hours at a stretch, but the experience of taking a replica Bronze Age boat out to

Phoenician sculptures were originally painted

Chemical analysis performed on Phoenician ivory carvings dating back to the 8th century B.C. have revealed that the artworks were originally colourfully painted and decorated with gold. These metals are found in pigments commonly used in antiquity, such as the copper-based pigment Egyptian blue or the iron-based pigment hematite. The metals

Ancient Fremont people’s poop examined

An archaeologist from the Utah State University Eastern Prehistoric Museum has been examining the coprolites of the Fremont people who lived in the area between 400 to 1350 A.D. to determine what they ate and how it affected their health. Because such matter is not easily preserved, human coprolites are particularly

Baby Neanderthal breastfed for seven months

Analysis of the elements found in a Neanderthal baby's tooth has revealed that the infant was breastfed for seven months. The precision of this estimate is courtesy a new technique that uses elements in teeth to determine when breast-feeding started and stopped. Though researchers can't be sure the young Neanderthal's pattern