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500-year-old Petroglyphs found in Veracruz


Archaeologists in Mexico have found a collection of petroglyphs at the foot of the Cerro del Sombrete in Veracruz.

The most distinguished petroglyph is the image of a character’s profile, his visible eye is shut, his mouth is open, he wears an earflap, a zoomorphic helmet with a conic element and some sort of cape with an underskirt decorated with triangles and a girdle, as well as ankle bracelets; around him there are symbols related to time and astronomical elements.

Judging by his apparel and associated designs, he must represent a priest or a tlamatinime “wise man”. “As far as we know, there hasn’t been a single petroglyph similar to it in Veracruz, which is why this representation, linked to the observation of nature and the art of “counting time”, is so important.

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Story: ArtDaily | Photo: Maria Eugenia Maldonado/INAH

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