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Jamestown Colony settlers resorted to cannibalism


New evidence has been found that suggests the settlers at Jamestown Colony in Virginia resorted to eating a 14-year-old girl during the harsh winter of 1609.

A recent excavation at the historic site discovered the carcasses of dogs, cats and horses consumed during the season commonly called the “Starving Time.” But a few other newly discovered bones in particular, though, tell a far more gruesome story: the dismemberment and cannibalization of a 14-year-old English girl.

“The chops to the forehead are very tentative, very incomplete,” says Douglas Owsley, the Smithsonian forensic anthropologist who analyzed the bones after they were found by archaeologists from Preservation Virginia. “Then, the body was turned over, and there were four strikes to the back of the head, one of which was the strongest and split the skull in half. A penetrating wound was then made to the left temple, probably by a single-sided knife, which was used to pry open the head and remove the brain.”

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Story: Joseph Stromberg, Smithsonian | Photo: Don Hurlbert, Smithsonian

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