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Remains of British soldier found in the Netherlands


The remains of a British soldier who died during a battle in 1799 has been found in a sand dune in the Netherlands.

For more than two centuries, the remains of a soldier lay undisturbed on a windy beach in the northern Netherlands.

But in March 2011, birdwatchers discovered bones and metal artefacts among sand-dunes that had once been covered in asphalt.

The find was near an area known as the “Bonehole” because of the number of historic remains that had previously been unearthed.

A team of archaeologists was called in to dig further. Among them was 28-year-old Esther Poulus, whose involvement was to lead her to the National Archives in Kew, Surrey, in an attempt to discover the identity of the fallen soldier.

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Story: Caroline Wyatt, BBC News | BBC News

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