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Roman mosaics unearthed in Turkey

Roman-era mosaics have been found in the ancient city of Milas in southwestern Turkey.

Milas District Governor Bahattin Atç?, gendarmerie Lt. Col. Ertu?rul Memi? and gendarmerie Lt. Gürkan Uygun held a press conference on Friday about the findings. Atç? said he believes the newly found tiles will significantly contribute to Turkey’s cultural wealth. “We already knew that there were very precious historical artifacts in the region. We need to focus more on unearthing them,” he said.

Atç? noted that the mosaic tiles that have been found might be as valuable as ones found in the ancient city of Zeugma in the southern province of Gaziantep. Zeugma is one of the four most important historical settlements under the reign of the Kingdom of Commagene.

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Story: World Bulletin | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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