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Shaft tomb with 28 individuals found in Mexico


A shaft tomb dating back between 1,500 – 2,500 years old has been found in Mexico, complete with the remains of 28 individuals.

“At the burial’s center –he added– they discovered a unique shaft tomb; unique, because its shaft (1.2 meters [3.9 feet] deep) was covered by a mud mix that had not been found in Colima.

“The tomb’s access is a shaft with a 70 centimeter [27.55 inches] diameter, located 80 centimeters [31.49 inches] underneath the street. The shaft’s end is decorated with a stepping stone oriented from west to east that allows access to the vault. The vault contains a great quantity of piled up bones in disarray, from which we have identified eight craniums. However, by the great quantity of osseous remains, it’s possible there might be more than 10 individuals”.

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Story: Cristina Perez Ayala, Art Daily | Photo: Art Daily

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