Early hunters were using spears at least 90,000 years ago

Published on May 27th, 2013 | by Admin



New research has confirmed that humans were hurling stone-tipped spears 90,000 years ago at the earliest.

Archaeologist Corey O’Driscoll of South East Archaeology in Canberra became interested in the traces left by hurled spears after reading studies of the wounds that medieval weapons inflicted on humans. In preliminary work, European archaeologists had fired reproductions of Upper Paleolithic points made of antler at the carcasses of oxen and deer, then studied the marks that they left on the bones. But many archaeologists remained unconvinced by the findings, seeing little clear difference between projectile marks and cut marks from butchering. O’Driscoll decided to build on these studies for his undergraduate honors thesis.

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Story: Heather Pringle, Science Magazine | Photo: Corey O’Driscoll, Science Magazine

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