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1,000-year-old clam gardens found in Canada


Two First Nations clam gardens that date back 1,000 years have been found in the Canadian Arctic.

The excavation of what appears to be an ancient food storage system along the beach of Russell Island, between Fulford Harbour and Swartz Bay, is helping to cast more light on the history and development of local aboriginal groups.

Six years after researchers discovered two clam gardens along the beachfront, University of Victoria students are sifting through sand, gravel and shells to figure out how and when the gardens were built. Some researchers have suggested the gardens helped augment a community’s food supply.

The gardens are beach areas where clams grow naturally and have been enhanced to increase clam production.

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Story: Times Colonist | Photo: Parks Canada

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  1. Your synopsis is incorrect: Russell Island is NOT in the arctic! It is south of the 49th parallel. It is so mild there, it rarely ever snows.

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