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Escape tunnel discovered at Nazi death camp


Archaeologists working at the Sobibor Nazi death camp in Poland have unearthed a 32-foot-long escape tunnel.

“We found a snake-shaped tunnel in what was once the center of the shed, leading eastwards –- out of the camp,” Yoram Haimi, one of the leaders of the team, told Israeli news outlet Haaretz. “They started digging from the center of the shed we exposed. They lifted up the wooden boards and dug, maybe at night. They then scattered the dirt they dug up. … It’s an amazing story that no one knew about until now. There are no survivors to tell us what happened there.”

Wojciech Mazurek, another team leader, told the Telegraph that the tunnel appears to have been built by the Sonderkommando, a group of Jewish prisoners who were spared immediate death but were forced to help with the mass killing of their fellow prisoners. Their status may have given them enough time to plan and dig the tunnel, according to the Telegraph.

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Story: Meredith Bennett-Smith, Huffington Post | Photo: University of Leicester

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