Stone Age Siberians primarily killed mammoths for their ivory

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Researchers working in Siberia believe that the people who lived in Siberia over 30,000 years ago only sporadically hunted mammoths, and it was mainly for their ivory so they could make tools.

eople living between roughly 33,500 and 31,500 years ago hunted the animals mainly for ivory, say paleontologist Pavel Nikolskiy and archaeologist Vladimir Pitulko of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Hunting could not have driven mammoths to extinction, the researchers report June 5 in the Journal of Archaeological Science.

On frigid tundra with few trees, mammoth tusks substituted for wood as a raw material for tools, they propose. Siberian people ate mammoth meat after hunts, but food was not their primary goal.

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Story: Bruce Bower, ScienceNews | Photo: Stanislav Remezov

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