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6,000-year-old burned halls found in England

Two Neolithic halls, believed to have been deliberately burned down, have been found in Herefordshire, England. Archaeologists from the University of Manchester and the Herefordshire Council have unearthed the remains of two large halls that were constructed more than 6,000 years ago. The burned and buried halls, which were discovered atop

Bow of 210-year-old canoe found in Baja California

Archaeologists working in the south of Baja California have uncovered the wooden bow of a 210-year-old canoe. “We don’t know if the canoe was made by Bajacalifornian natives or if it arrived north by the currents, because the coast where we discovered the canoe is prone to the arrival of many

Syrian archaeological sites in danger from looters

Business Week has posted an interesting article about the problem of looters in Syria. According to UNESCO, there are more endangered archaeological sites in Syria than anywhere else in the world. “We feel bitter and sad -- many sites have been destroyed before our eyes,” Mamoun Abdul-Karim, head of Syria’s Directorate-General

200-year-old wooden railroad found in England

Wooden rails dating back 200 years have been found along the banks of the River Tyne in England. Richard said: “The wooden waggonway uncovered by the excavation is the direct ancestor of the modern standard gauge railway.” Newcastle historian Les Turnbull, whose book on waggonways, entitled Railways Before George Stephenson, was published