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Sphinx statue fragment found in Israel


Archaeologists working in Israel have uncovered the base of a sphinx status at Tel Hazor National park.

Its discovery also marks the first time ever that researchers have found a statue dedicated to Egyptian ruler Mycerinus who ruled circa 2,500 BC and was builder of one of the three Giza pyramids, an expert said.

“This is the only monumental Egyptian statue ever found in the Levant – today’s Israel, Lebanon, Syria,” Amnon Ben-Tor, an archaeology professor at the Hebrew University in charge of the Tel Hazor dig, told AFP.

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Story: Jonah Mandel, Physorg | Photo: Prof. Amnon Ben-Tor and Dr. Sharon Zuckerman

One thought on “Sphinx statue fragment found in Israel

  1. Thank you for this – besides Mycerinus’s name, carved in hieroglyphics between the forearms, there are symbols reading beloved by the divine souls of Heliopolis. This is the temple in which the sphinx was originally placed, an ancient city which lies north of today’s Cairo.

    Don’t you love it when craftsmen, architects or patrons give details ON their work? If the carving is contemporary with the art object, they really have a special find.

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