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Restoration of Ephesus Yamaç houses completed

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Archaeologists have restored two Yamaç houses in the ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey.

The project, started in 2012, aims to protect and preserve the newly-founded Yamaç Houses of Ephesus. “Among seven Yamaç houses two of them have been restored,” said Ladstaetter, and added that these restorations were highly significant.

Ladstaetter said there were a total of 78 rooms and different wall drawings in the houses. Among those wall drawings, eight have been resorted. The wall drawings are very important, according to Ladstaetter. “These wall drawings start form the first century and continue to the third century. We can see them in one room,” she said. In some of the rooms there were up to five drawings that had been drawn on each other at different times.

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Story: Hurriyet Daily News | Photo: AA

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