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Radiological scans reveal secrets of the mummies


Researchers from the University of Western Ontario have studied scans of 84 ancient Egyptians mummies from various museums from around the world and have found that mummification practices differed greatly depending on when and where the deceased was being mummified.

In an upcoming Journal of Archaeological Science analysis, Wade and his colleague Andrew Nelson look at radiological scans of 84 ancient mummies from museums worldwide. Their goal: seeking to prove or disprove some of the hoariest (and creepiest), accounts of ancient mummification. Among those ideas was the notion that embalmers removed the brains of dead rulers through the nose and that the practice was limited to royalty and their loyal followers. Another is that the internal organs of the wealthy were removed from mummies. The study and a series of related reports show all of those ideas, long staples of scary mummy stories good for grossing out schoolkids and adults, look a little more complicated when viewed under the X-ray.

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Story: Dan Vergano, USA Today | Photo: USA Today

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