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Bow of 210-year-old canoe found in Baja California


Archaeologists working in the south of Baja California have uncovered the wooden bow of a 210-year-old canoe.

“We don’t know if the canoe was made by Bajacalifornian natives or if it arrived north by the currents, because the coast where we discovered the canoe is prone to the arrival of many different objects. Also, in the islands we have also found very big trunks of different kinds of wood which originate from the north of the continent, they are not native to Mexico”.

Judging by the characteristics of the canoe, the specialist thinks that it wasn’t used to navigate the sea, “it’s pretty small and light; the canoes meant for deep sea regularly had a higher bow that would help them break waves and were much heavier in order to resist the strength of the currents”.

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Story: ArtDaily | Photo: INAH

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