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Decapitated warrior and pre-Hispanic kiln found in Mexico

A pre-Hispanic kiln used for ceramic production and the grave of a decapitated warrior dating back between 350-600 A.D. has been found during excavations in southern Mexico.

“In this area we found a funerary cist with an individual accompanied by very expensive furnishings. His getup consisted of earflaps and a green stone beaded necklace, along with other artifacts made with this material and a series of pots. Among the osseous remains they identified the inferior extremities and the cervical vertebrae with traces of cuts, which indicates his decapitation”, detailed the specialist.

The experts think he may have been a warrior, since his cranium has a perforation possibly provoked by the tip of an arrow, which the individual survived, since the wound closed years after death.

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Story: ArtDaily | Photo: Proyecto de Investigacion y Conservacion de la Zona Arqueologica El Tlatoani/INAH

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