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Underground village found in Alsaka

A large underground Inupiat village, inhabited from the late-18th to early 19th centuries, has been found in Alaska’s Kobuk Valley National Park.

With a white beard and a multi-pocketed khaki jacket, Dr. Doug Anderson points to large depressions in the ground which he says were once houses. He specializes in the pre-history and early history of Northwest Alaska. In his 50-plus-year career as an Arctic archaeologist, Anderson says he’s never seen a village quite like this one with so many houses connected by a web of tunnels.

“In some other areas here we’ve found maybe two houses that are connected by tunnels, but nothing like this,” Anderson said. “And in other areas those houses are really quite small compared to the houses here; these are gigantic houses.”

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Story: Daysha Eaton, KSKA | Photo: Daysha Eaton, KSKA

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