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18th-century garbage pit excavated in Boston

Excavations at the Clough House in Boston have unearthed a garbage pit dating back to the 18th century.

During two weeks of digging, Bagley and a crew of volunteers collected tens of thousands of items from the 1700s. The haul included long-ago leftovers of everyday life: animal bones, doll parts, and uncounted chips and fragments of dishes and cups that archeologists hope will reveal more about how Bostonians lived as a bustling city sprang up around them.

“They literally would have just thrown these out the window,” Bagley said of a time when the backyard served as a personal landfill. “This will tell a lot about what people were eating, what toys they were using, and what else was going in the backyard.”

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Story: Brian MacQuarrie, Boston Globe | Photo: Pat Greenhouse, Boston Globe

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