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Byzantine garbage pit unearthed in Israel

A Byzantine-era garbage pit, containing a collection of lamps, coins and gold artifacts, has been unearthed north of Tel Aviv.

“In the midst of the many sherds that were discovered in the big refuse pit was a large amount of usable artifacts, whose presence in the pit raises questions. Among other things, more than four hundred coins were found which are mostly Byzantine, including one gold coin, as well as two hundred whole and intact Samaritan lamps, among them lamps that were never used, rings and gold jewelry.

“Noteworthy among the jewelry is an octagonal ring with parts of verses from the Samaritan Pentateuch engraved in Samaritan script on each of its sides. One side reads: Adonai is his name, another side: One God, and so on. Approximately a dozen Samaritan rings have been published so far in scientific literature, and this ring constitutes an important addition given the assemblage in which it was discovered”.

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Story: Gil Ronen, Israel National News | Photo: Pavel Shargo, Institute of Archaeology, TAU

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