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Viking slaves buried with their masters

A new study suggests that the Viking elite may have been buried with their sacrificed slaves. About 1,000 to 1,200 years ago, a Viking man still in his 20s was laid to rest on a craggy island in the Norwegian Sea. A new analysis of his skeleton and others buried nearby

Remains of Iron Age horse found in glacier

The remains of a horse which dates back to the Iron Age has been found in melting glacier ice in Norway. "It shows that they were using horses for transport in the high alpine zone, in areas where we were quite surprised to find them," Lars Pilø, the head of snow

Neanderthals ate fish

New evidence suggests that Neanderthals, who were previously thought to have lived off of large mammals, caught and ate fish. There, the bone fragments of large salmon, migrating from marine water to their freshwater spawning places, were found in the Middle Palaeolithic archaeological layers, dated to around 42 to 48,000 years

Roman castle found in Turkey

The remains of a Roman castle have been found in southeastern Turkey. “This place is rich enough to fill a museum. There is everything you can imagine here, such as bronze artifacts, pots and pans, beads, metals, pins and silver artwork,” he said. “The data we have shows that copper sources

Roman chain mail found in Germany

Fragments of Roman chain mail have been found at a battle site in Northern Germany. Found in several fragments, the chain mail is made of thousands of small chain links with a diameter of about one-quarter inch. The researchers found that the iron in the rings is largely decomposed. Roman soldiers