Hunter-gatherers may have traded for bacon

Published on September 13th, 2013 | by Admin


New research suggests that hunter-gatherers in Europe may have traded with Neolithic farmers for domesticated pigs.

Humans love novelty, and though hunter-gatherers exploited wild boar, it would have been hard not to be fascinated by the strange-looking, spotted pigs owned by farmers living nearby,” researcher Greger Larson at Durham University in England, said in a statement. “It should come as no surprise that the hunter-gatherers acquired some [of the pigs] eventually, but this study shows that they did very soon after the domestic pigs arrived in northern Europe.”

Scientists are not sure whether the hunter-gatherers procured the pigs via trade or by capturing escaped animals. Still, given the close proximity of these two groups and how they occasionally exchanged artifacts, the researchers suspect trade for pigs was a more likely scenario than hunting of escaped domestic pigs, Krause-Kyora told LiveScience.

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Story: Charles Choi, LiveScience | Photo: Ben Krause-Kyora

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One Response to Hunter-gatherers may have traded for bacon

  1. David Gardner says:

    Proof that everyone loves bacon.

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