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28 flint knives found at Templo Mayor in Mexico


Archaeologists working at Templo Mayor in Mexico have unearthed a 500-year-old box containing 28 flint knives and other artifacts.

The archaeologist said that below said marine materials, they found 28 flint knives, which might have represented adorned warriors according to the artifacts they are decorated with; 27 of these are made with white flint and just one —found at the center of the box— is brown, all of which were placed pointing towards the Great Temple.

Archaeologists Alejandra Aguirre and Angel Gonzalez consider them representations of warriors of the underworld. “This came mean that flint knives —found in other offerings, which had just been seen as sacrificial knives up till now—, could have personified warriors or deities, which could change the symbolism that we had of said oblations, many of which have been found since 1978 during the first season of excavations in the Great Temple Project”.

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Story: ArtDaily | Photo: Meliton Tapia/INAH

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