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Intact royal Etruscan tomb opened after 2,600 years

A royal Etruscan tomb found in Tarquina, Italy, has been opened for the first time since being closed 2,600 years ago.

Found in Tarquinia, a hill town about 50 miles northwest of Rome, famous for its Etruscan art treasures, the 2,600 year old intact burial site came complete with a full array of precious grave goods.

“It’s a unique discovery, as it is extremely rare to find an inviolate Etruscan tomb of an upper-class individual. It opens up huge study opportunities on the Etruscans,” Alessandro Mandolesi, of the University of Turin, told Discovery News. Mandolesi is leading the excavation in collaboration with the Archaeological Superintendency of Southern Etruria.

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Story: Rossella Lorenzi, Discovery News | Photo: Massimo Legni/Sbeaem/Unito

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