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Ottoman-era cistern found in Istabul


Restoration work on the Nuruosmaniye Mosque in Istanbul has led to the discovery of an Ottoman-era cistern.

“We removed 420 trucks’ worth of slime from the cistern. Then the magnificent gallery, cistern and water gauge became visible. The Ottomans used a modern system according to contemporary earthquake regulations. This cistern is really a magnificent one, it is very special. All waters from the surrounding gather here. There is also a well under this cistern. After cleaning the mud, we saw that the system was still working,” he said.

Restoration work on the cistern is nearing completion, and the structure is expected to open to visits within the year. Özekinci said the construction of the Nuruosmaniye Mosque, which is located on one of the seven hills of Istanbul, started in 1748 during the reign of Mahmud I but that the construction was completed in the term of Osman III. “This is why the mosque is called Nuruosmaniye.”He said the mosque depicted the transition in architecture from the classical Ottoman style to baroque with its 174 windows.

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Story: Hurriyet Daily News | Photo: AA Photos

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  1. I think It is attractive place after the completion together with beautiful mosque. This will be a fascinating destination for many tourists in the future.

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