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Human sacrifice remains at Peruvian temple belong to war captives

Analysis of the remains of human sacrificial victims found at an ancient Peruvian temple suggest that they were prisoners of war. Roughly 70 sacrifice victims have been found there so far—an indication of frequent human offerings. That alone suggests the slaughter of captured warriors rather than rare killings of elites to

Ancient seals found temple of Jupiter Dolichenus

Over 600 stamp and cylinder seals have been found at the temple of Jupiter Dolichenus in Turkey. Classical scholars from the Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics” made an unusually large find of seals in an ancient sanctuary in Turkey. They discovered more than 600 stamp seals and cylinder seals at

Were humans killing ground sloths in South America 30,000 years ago?

New evidence suggests that humans were killing giant ground sloths 30,000 years ago in South American, 15 thousand years before most scientists agree humans arrived in the area. "South America played an exceptionally important role in the peopling of the Americas, and I'm pretty sure we have some significant surprises waiting

Top of buried temple found in Indonesia

The top of what is believed to be a large temple has been found sticking up out of the ground in Indonesia. Archeologists from the agency, known as BPCB, found 19 blocks of temple stones, an antefix, a rooftop ornament, a makara (a sea creature in Hindu mythology often portrayed on