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Who is buried in King Herod’s tomb?


A tomb found in 2007 that was attributed to King Herod may not belong to him after all. Some believe the tomb is too modest to have belonged to him.

The rather modest structure is too small for the master builder to have envisioned for himself, and the poor planning and design are also uncharacteristic, Patrich and Arubas say.

For instance, the building is small compared with other royal tombs of the day.

“These are quite moderate dimensions if you are thinking about a king of the stature of Herod the Great,” Patrich said.

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Story: Tia Ghose, Live Science | Photo: Joseph Patrich

One thought on “Who is buried in King Herod’s tomb?

  1. Perhaps that’s true, but whilst Herod might have envisaged something much grander it wouldn’t necessarily have been built. As the Romans split up his Kingdom after his death, why build a grand tomb for Herod…? If the intention was to neutralise that power base, they’d hardly build (or allow building) of a monument to it…?

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