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Bronze Age palace discovered in Turkey


A massive 4,500-year-old palace has been found during excavations at the Kultepe mound in central Turkey.

“There is no such a huge building like this in Anatolia and Middle East. We are only at the certain part of the building right now. We will see an enormous structure once we discover it all. This is not a private house. It is most probably an administrative body. We believe that this is a building where Kanis King lives or governs his kingdom,” Prof. Fikri Kuloglu, Ankara University archaeologist and head of the Kultepe archaeological excavation, told an AA reporter.

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Story: World Bulletin | Photo: World Bulletin

One thought on “Bronze Age palace discovered in Turkey

  1. the exact measurements of the palace would be nice to know so that people may confirm whether or not it is the largest discovered in the Middle East for themselves. other than that, it is great that people are still uncovering such great things.

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